Perfect For Fry Becon

Perfect For Fry Becon
This 12-cm tiny skillet is ideal for single meals that don't call for a big pan. Non-stick interiors are dishwasher safe and simple to clean. The frying pan is substantial, and the easy-grip handle is both convenient to use and stable. Perfect for frying bacon, making omelettes, or even boiling milk or water.
- Nonstick surface, which efficiently deters the body of the oil pan, reduces the need for cooking oil and makes edible vegetable oil healthier.
- Comfortable grip, one infusion of human muscle design, heat insulation handle.
- The handle's end is designed with holes for simple hanging. Constructed of durable metal, this pan is perfect for frying up individual portions of eggs, crepes, sausages, fish, chicken, burgers, or veggies.


- Color: UNKNOWN
- Component: stainless steel
- Dimensions: 24x12.5x3.5 cm.