A Nonstick Surface Efficiently

A Nonstick Surface Efficiently
For single servings that don't require a huge pan, this 12-cm tiny skillet is ideal. Non-stick interiors can be put in the dishwasher and are simple to clean. The frying pan is well-built, and the easy-grip handle is stable and comfortable to hold. Perfect for making omelettes, sandwiches, or simply heating milk or water.
- A nonstick surface efficiently prevents the body of the oil pan, reduces cooking oil use, and makes consumable vegetable oil healthier.
- Heat insulation handle, comfort grip, one infusion of human muscle design.
- The handle's end has a hole design for simple hanging. Ideal for frying up single portions of eggs, crepes, sausages, shellfish, chicken, burgers, or vegetables. Durable metal construction.


- Random colour
- Stainless steel as a material
Size: 24.5, 12.5, and 3.5 cm.